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Dinet ERC20 Token is based on Ethereum Blockchain

Speed of Ethereum

Transaction confirmation time is around 2-3 minutes. You can find it on Ethereum explorer.


You can restore your founds on any Ethereum Wallet using your private keys.


Keys are validated client-side and do not leave your browser or network.

Light & Fast

Smooth synchronization and interaction with the Ethereum blockchain

Be secure

Secure your Wallet

Please write your recovery seed and private key in safe place!
You cannot recover your wallet if you lose it.
Log out of the wallet after finishing your work.
Always check the URL and SLL Certificate.
You are responsible for your security.

More About Dinet


The purpose of the Dinet token

Dinet token is used as the main source of currency to interact with the Dinet network, to handle transactions and settlements within a distributed network of artificial intelligence nodes.

ERC-20 standard

Tokens are hosted on Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, the address of the Dinet Wallet is also an Ethereum address. You can send Dinet tokens to any Ethereum address and have access to it through MyEtherWallet.com. Read more...

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